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Fun with mobile app remote database access

Greetings LiveCode developers… This post is for LC devs who are trying to do remote database access from their LiveCode Android apps. If you’re wondering why, for example, the command revOpenDatabase fails unceremoniously in your app, when it works just … Continue reading

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If you are looking for RadioWill…

… sorry, RadioWill is not on-the-air at this time. Thank you for listening during 2015. It was a fun experiment, and may be resurrected at some point in the future.

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Funny how often folks need to be reminded of this.

You can have it cheap and fast, but it might not be good. You can have it good and fast, but it might not be cheap. You can have it good and cheap, but it probably won’t be fast. What … Continue reading

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Inside Llewyn Davis – three stars.

Given the torrent of absolute crap that comes from Hollywood’s movie factories year after year, I’m always grateful and hopeful when a new Coen Brothers’ film emerges. Well, probably the nicest thing I can say about this movie is that … Continue reading

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Great, but I’m not holding my breath.

Larry Sabato joins Politico as a regular columnist.  Dems are not gonna like what he has to say in his first piece. In a saner world, yeah, the Senate would flip in 2014, and the House would add to its … Continue reading

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I think that might be an insult to the late Senator McCarthy.

Head of New York Civil Rights Coalition compares MSNBC rhetoric to McCarthyism

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Rolling Stone magazine throws a sop to the loony left

Let’s face it: it’s been a long, long time since RS was a great magazine, or even a good one. But every so often they excrete something like this that is so totally stupid it makes sane persons’ heads explode. … Continue reading

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Are you about to get sucked into the Polar Vortex?

It’s plenty cold right now, but apparently the worst of it is still a day or two away.

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The New York Times v. Sonya Sotomayor

The Times’ editorial page argues that Catholic nuns’ officially “certifying” their objections to buying insurance plans which pay for birth control “does not rise to a substantial burden” in complying with the ACA.  Well, let’s ask someone who actually understands … Continue reading

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Bob Swartz would like to see some from MIT.  I can’t imagine anything worse than enduring the death of one’s own child.  My own in-laws are members of that very sad club. “I was better connected to people at MIT … Continue reading

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