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CD of the day:  Big Guns – The Very Best of Rory Gallagher

Happy New Year 2012, or, if you prefer, Happy 7th Day of Christmas.  Where There’s A Will officially returns to life as a blog today.  Issues discovered thus far:

1.  I cannot upgrade to WordPress 3.3, because PHP on my server is not current enough (v. 5.2.4 required).  Probably will need to contact 1&1 about this.

2.  Had to add a php.ini file, and add code to .htaccess, in order to change the header graphic (indeed, probably to upload anything via HTTP).  But this works now.

It’s an election year, so there is much to write about, more probably than will fit in Facebook status updates.  But aside from that, I have a number of projects in various stages of non-completion, and reviving my blog will hopefully help me get a better handle on them.

We are awaiting seminary friends to arrive for the traditional NYD good-luck meal (which we already had for lunch at another seminarian’s home, but what the hell).

I wish you all a happy, blessed and prosperous 2012.

UPDATE:  All WordPress stuff successfully updated.

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